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Your Marketing Strategy & Tactics Audit will include:

  • A full review of your website, including speed, user experience, messaging, design, and SEO
  • An evaluation of your social media presence and engagement across all platforms you participate on
  • Your rankings on critical keywords and page placement on search engines
  • And more!

Marketing strategy is your road map to where you want to go, and tactics are the tools you use along the way to get you to your destination.

Over the years we have found that developing a sound strategy is an area many businesses struggle with, and quite often don’t truly have at all.

And when it comes to tactics, most choose their tools simply based off a recent webinar they attended, or advertisement they saw.

To us, this is backwards.

Without a set plan or measurable goal as your guide, growth will always feel out of reach.

At Viral Solutions, we believe you must first strategize and then execute.

This is the one true way to achieve growth and the only real way to do marketing!

This brings us to the purpose of conducting an audit, which is to evaluate your strategy and tactics and uncover where your true problem lies.

A marketing expert from our team will also review the findings and suggestions with you in a meeting so that you have the opportunity to ask questions about the findings and recommendations from the audit.

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